Electro Vampire

Dear pilots,
we are coming with the long-awaited project, electric version of Vampire - called Vampire E.

The electric version of competitive glider Vampire f3b/f3f was mainly designed for f3b/f3f training - so we wanted to keep equally good flying quality same as Vampire f3b and, above that, to allow for reaching the requested altitude without the need of winch usage - therefore was our main effort to minimize fuselage - section (and frontal aerodynamic drag) and its shape (inner space) to adapt for only such necessary equipment - in terms of size (motor, regulator and battery), which suits our requirements.

The Vampire E model fuselage will impress you at the first sight again with its original and sophisticated shape which stands out among most of the serially manufactured electric fuselages.

See pictures here.

Recommended (tested) configuration is following:

Usage of this hardware allows for reaching the altitude of about 250m more than 20 times, at speed max. 20 m/s - which is for the requested usage more than perfect.

See the graph of the one test-flights.

The V-tail´s servos MKS-65k are already installed inside each V-tail half which had to be adapted for this usage.

For pilots who already have Vampire f3b we recommend ordering the fuselage plus a new V-tail with already installed servos - we do not recommend trying to install these servos into the V-tails themselves! Vampire E is intended not only for competitive pilots, but also for all pilots which want to have fun flying an electric model.

Team Zdenek & Zdenek jun